Men, women and teenagers - in the comfort of your home
Excluding: shopping budget

• Wardrobe Revamp (4-5hrs): R3000 (excluding Style Profile)
• Wardrobe Revamp (4-5hrs): R3300 (including Style Profile)

Travel exceeding 25km - R3.50 p/km for all options

The ‘Wardrobe Planning and Revamp’ package is a great one to start with. It assists me in identifying your personal style and preferences; it also offers me the knowledge of your current wardrobe, the basics you require as well as past mistake which may have been made with regards to fashion choices.
The great thing about this package is that it allows me to evaluate your current wardrobe as well as provides me with pieces readily available to mix with current trends; ensuring your budget gets used to the best of its ability.
Upon completion, you will have a list of which gaps needs to be filled in order to update your wardrobe and suit your lifestyle.


Styling new and existing items
Shooting new style combo’s

• Full day: R 3500

Travel exceeding 25km - R3.50 p/km for all options

After a few personal shopping sessions I need to re-visit your wardrobe. This is a full day job, but loads of fun. I will create and give a variety of style options from your new and existing wardrobe.
You need to be part of this to understand why and how I style each look. Your input will help you get a better understanding of your new image.


Men, women and teenagers - Will look at your body-shape, colour, face shape, lifestyle and personality

• Standard Shopping session 4hrs: R2500 (excluding shopping budget & Style Profile)
• Full day shopping session: R3850 (excluding shopping budget & Style Profile)
• Overtime per hour: R380 (excluding shopping budget & Style Profile)

This is a fun time for me; and more importantly – you! This is where we shop! In order for me to effectively and efficiently make use of your booked time with me, we will have to discuss budgetary constraints; this assists me in my pre-selection of stores as well as items.
Pre-selection of both these aspects are very important as this gives us a kick-start in the shopping process.


Men, woman and celebrities packages
- 3months / 6months / 9months / 12months

You can select the amount of hours you want per month:
• 8hrs per month = R3500
• 12hrs per month = R5200
• 16hrs per month = R7000

Travel exceeding 25km - R3.50 p/km for all options

This package is ideal if you want to stay on top of trends but are unable to do so due to time constraints.
Together we plan a monthly schedule, consisting of confirmed dates as well as times. The hours booked has to be used in the specific month and cannot be transferred. The retainer package which you’ve selected has to be paid in full at the beginning of each month to secure your scheduled hours.
As with all my packages, I try and accommodate each one of my clients to the best of my ability; here I offer unaccompanied sessions where I source clothing items in your absence.